Another Round of Edits

The manuscript went through a final round of edits – the fourth time, if you count my editing – and is ready to go to the next step, which should be interior layout.

At this point, it’s sometimes like negotiating terms of a contract. Is that really a mistake? A better way of saying things? Style? But it was still needed, and the book is better because of it.

I will be working on indexing the book, which I’ve heard is like those puzzles in which you try to find a 9 in a field full of 6’s. Don’t be surprised if I accidentally leave out a reference to the horse Rosie’s Seville or Replant.

The graphic designers should be hard at work on a cover. They haven’t asked me for any new photos, so they may be working with what I have. Good pictures from 40 years ago are surprisingly hard to come by.

Oh, rats. I think I found a mistake in the manuscript. Here we go again.