Feb. 17, 1976 – Spectacular Bid Born

Spectacular Bid as a yearling

Spectacular Bid as a yearling, 1977. Courtesy Keeneland.

Forty-three years ago today, Spectacular Bid was born at Buck Pond Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. The birth was a rarity; his mother, a small 6-year-old light gray mare named Spectacular, gave birth in a paddock in the morning instead of in a stable at night.

The horses were in the pasture, enjoying the mild weather of the February morning while the farmhands prepared the foaling barn for several pending births. The workers were unaware of Spectacular’s condition, and she lay down where she was, at the bottom of a hill, and gave birth to Spectacular Bid.

The foal, his legs still weak and wobbly, struggled to his feet and immediately fell, ending up stuck in a puddle at the base of the hill.  If someone riding by on a tractor had not noticed him stuck in the puddle, Bid might have drowned, and we might not have witnessed history in the making during 1979 and 1980.