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Triple Crown Near-Misses: Native Dancer Misses Perfection by a Head

I’m sure that when Native Dancer was at stud, he often woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming about Dark Star. Dark Star was the only horse ever to beat Native Dancer; it just happened to be in the Kentucky Derby. Nicknamed “The Gray Ghost,” Native Dancer won all 9 of his races as […]

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Triple Crown Near-Misses: Middleground Gets No Respect

Even though Middleground won two of the three jewels of the Triple Crown in 1950, most of the attention that year centered on Hill Prince, who was supposed to sweep the series with ease. The horse had won 6 of 7 starts at age 2 and had won the Wood Memorial. Middleground was an afterthought, a horse […]

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About That Derby…

As Maximum Security went across the finish line, my hands went up in the air as I whooped for joy. I had picked the winner of the Kentucky Derby for the fifth time in seven years. I received congratulations from people at my Derby party as I waited for the stewards to make it official. […]

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